WordPress 2.8.3 Security Release

Unfortunately, I missed some places when fixing the privilege escalation issues for 2.8.1. Luckily, the entire WordPress community has our backs. Several folks in the community dug deeper and discovered areas that were overlooked. With their help, the remaining issues are fixed in 2.8.3. Since this is a security release, upgrading is highly recommended. Download 2.8.3, or upgrade automatically from your admin.

Hahaha.. ingat kot dah abis.. rupanya ada lagi.. sib baik ade orang perasaan yang diorang terlepas pandang tu.. apa benda yang terlepas pandang tu pun tak tau la.. yang aku tau.. guna je la kan.. diorang suruh upgrade.. upgrade jee.. wakakaka.. tak de inisiatif nak amik tau langsung tul aku ni.. hehe.. sampai bile nak maju? kan? kan? Lantak aku la.. janji aku bahagia disamping yang tersayang… adehh.. off topic lak.. ok lah.. korang tunggu apa lagi.. cepat upgrade!! cam tak tau jee kan? lalalalala..~


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